Are you looking for something different for your company picnic, scout function, reunion, wedding, or even the perfect ending to a sports team season?
Then you need to have a fun filled foam party from EASTSIDEPARTYRENTALS Foambazo!! This foam concept has exploded in popularity across the country. The foam is safe for kids and pets, non-toxic, biodegradable, hypoallergenic and dye free.
Trained personnel deliver a fun filled foam party for your event so you don’t have to run the equipment. We bring upbeat music that perfectly adds to a FOAMBAZO Fest experience. Our foam dance parties are GREAT for kids and adults with disabilities! Colored lights and Ultra Violet lights available for glow in the dark night time parties.




  • Is the foam safe?

    Yes, it’s made of water and a soap-like compound designed to maximize bubble production and strength. Foam is gentle, allergen-free, eco-friendly, and pet friendly!

  • What ages is it for?

    Our foam parties are for all ages! From toddlers to grandma & grandpa, everyone will have a blast!

  • How does it work?

    We provide all that is necessary even the music. We hook up to your water and electrical source. (At a 50 ft range or less. You have an awesome Foam Party. We clean and pack everything up. Then the foam goes away by itself.

  • How do I prepare?

    Foam zone should be cleared of toys, furniture, etc. For foam parties over 60 minuted non-grass surfaces are preferred.

  • What should we wear?
    Lightweight shorts and shirts are advisable. Running through the foam will leave you damp and will dry off in the sun. But swimsuits are suitable for kids and adults who will be in the foam for longer periods. Having a towel is recommended, and goggles are best for kids who choose to play or sit inside the foam pile.

  • What kind of weather is best for foam?

    The only weather to avoid is a rain storm, extreme wind, and freezing cold. If this does happen on the day of your event, we can reschedule as long as the date is available!



TRAVEL FEE is free for the first 15 miles trip from zip code 60617. It is $3.50 per mile after that. (Fee is capped at $100)

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